Natural Testosterone boosting Foods.

Many athletes understand that for muscle development to occur, hormones such as testosterone play a major role to determine how much and how quick you can gain or develop muscles. Along with that knowledge comes the implementation of the correct food groups that will aid in boosting testosterone levels naturally.

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that affects not only just sex drive but a few other key health factors as well. The hormone is also responsible for:

  • Bone and muscle health.
  • Sperm production.
  • Hair growth.

But today we will look at the muscle building aspect of testosterone and how to boost it with Natural foods.


Highly rich in vitamin D, Tuna has been connected to longevity and increased testosterone production. Plus, not only is it super packed with protein with low calories, it’s good for heart health as well.

Tuna can be a natural way of boosting testosterone. Each serving is capable of fulfilling your body’s vitamin D needs. However if you are not a big fan of tuna, you can consider other closely similar options as sardines or salmon.

Be sure though to take it all in moderation! Too much mercury that is found in fish is not good for the body.

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Low Fat milk.

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Milk is an excellent source of protein plus calcium. Fortified milk contains vitamin D. You can get this from the low fat or skimmed versions. They basically have the same nutritional value as whole milk but without the saturated fats.

Egg Yolks.

Contrary to certain arguments on the health benefits of egg yolks regarding the amounts of cholesterol , they are another rich source of vitamin D. In fact, The cholesterol found in egg yolks may even help low improve low testosterone. ( )

Fortified Cereals.

Cereal, Breakfast, Bowl, Meal, Food

Certain cereal brands are fortified with vitamin D, not to mention other heart-healthy nutrients. Consider incorporating fortified cereals into your breakfast routine to boost your day and your testosterone levels at same time. Bonus fact: you get to take your cereal with milk. So no shortage of vitamin D there.

Oysters/shell fish.

Men who have low T stand to benefit from increasing their zinc intake if they also have zinc deficiencies. Oysters are good sources of this mineral.

An occasional serving of crab or lobster may do your testosterone levels some good. This is thanks in part to the zinc content in these seafood favorites.

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Steak, Pan, Rosemary, Food, Meat, Beef

There are real health concerns about the overconsumption of red meat. Not only do some cuts have more fat than poultry, but eating too much is also linked to certain cancers, such as colon cancer.

Still, some cuts of beef have nutrients that can boost testosterone. Beef liver is an exceptional source of vitamin D, while ground beef and chuck roast contain zinc.

To keep animal fats in check, choose only lean cuts of beef and avoid eating it every day.



Many legumes, such as chickpeas, lentils, and baked beans, are all considered good sources of protein and Zinc. This one is purely based on “Bro-science” from me to you. I wish I could tell you it was from a research I did or from an article I read one morning, but no. This is however something I personally tried myself, after incorporating some of the legumes I’ve just mentioned I noticed visible improvements in; my muscle growth and recovery. So perhaps the same could be the case for you once you give it a try.

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