How to get your arms ready for summer?

There are a lot of training methods today that you can do both inside and or outside the gym (either at home or in a park). Now in some parts of the world it’s already summer, but in some parts summer is around the corner, aaand in some places it’s summer all year round – Lucky you!. Which ever part of the world you could be reading this from, this article is for you!

[For the guys]DID You know?: Strong defined arms were ranked as a high favorite among a group of women that were used as the study group from a certain university.

But i’d like to believe that this is not the only motivation to work those guns… 🙂

However check this out:

In a survey of over 100 college women across the country, a majority ranked arms as the biggest turn on. Women feel it’s a sign that you take good care of your body and admitted they love to see a hint of a man’s biceps through his t-shirt or sweater. Strong arms signify a man’s ability to protect a woman—and, inadvertently, his ability to lift her up…

Today we will outlay 1 particular exercise that you can do for great looking arms,and that workout is called 21’s. And here’s how it works: 

Grab a loaded EZ curl bar. Perform the following rep scheme without stopping.

1. 7 bottom-half reps
2. 7 top-half reps
3. 7 full reps

Note you can increase the weight after each set and/or you can increase the repetition range from 7 to 10. In the below video the rep range was increased to 10 while maintaining the same weight.


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2 thoughts on “How to get your arms ready for summer?

  1. I totally enjoyed this article, esp the study that proposes that women find strong and muscular arms as the biggest turn on! Interesting indeed, thanks for sharing more on male perspective and workout ideas. Totally nailed it.

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