How to get defined ABS through home workouts!

Now I know we are well still in the midst of this crazy pandemic, and what that means is that gyms in your area are probably still dancing to the tune of the lockdowns; Today they are open, tomorrow they are not!

But that should not deter you from achieving your fitness goals. If anything this just serves as a minor obstacle to test you on how much you really want to be in the best shape of your life. Therefore you will need to have a positive perspective throughout each day and stay focused. Once you have achieved that mental positivity approach you will then realize that there are tones of body weight workouts you could do from the comfort of your home. So no gym equipment or machines? no problem! That’s right, you still get to workout and break some sweat and at the same time obey your government’s “stay home “order.

Anyway without much talking, here is a free list of workouts that target your ABS to bring out the best in them. Also please do check out the video below that I have put together to help you with a visual tutorial, Hope you enjoy it.

Bike Crunches

Knee tuck crunches

Punch sit-ups

4 x 1min Planks

4 x 1min side planks

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