How your personal fitness affects your success in 2021.

The name of the game here is adaptability! Now I know you have probably heard of the phrase ” a healthy body is a healthy mind”. That saying is true to the core. A healthy mind conscientiously gives off a healthy body sort of vibe.

I mean without a healthy body then the mind has no place to function now does it?Unless of course it is just running on fumes and being highly inefficient. Fitness is not everyone’s cup of coffee, but it is mine, and it should be yours too and everyone else, the only difference is that most people don’t know it. Or maybe fitness goals differ? Or perhaps they do know, but just choose not to pay attention to the only vehicle that drives them into seeing many tomorrows without impending hospital bills.

2020 was a rough year for everyone, and i mean everyyyooooneee! It was a crazy tough and challenging year. Along with the craziness, a lot of gym memberships either had to be frozen, suspended, or even cancelled in some cases especially mine (Apparently this is still the case in 2021). But whatever case it may be, being fit and staying fit is a mental game as much as it is physical.

My own gym membership got cancelled but guess what? That didn’t stop me, I may not have been in the gym all the time but trust me i would have loved to, it took mental strength to get my fitness on an upward graph and keep it there. Guess what i did, I become stronger mentally! I finally made up my mind and made use of resources around me to aid my workouts at home and carried on with my fitness journey forward. Now, Even though i’m not a fan of home workouts but I love my body more than i hate them so i do them.

“That Diet thing”

Finding a proper diet plan and sticking to it requires a certain level of discipline that sees you getting the best results from your diet. That same discipline if applied to your everyday day life makes you more focused and assertive in your day to day living.

I watch what i eat most of the time… most of the time. Now I’d be downrite lying to you if i said i was consistently eating clean while i was unable to workout. The truth is I allow myself cheat days and cheat meals, a few sodas too here and there :).

Photo of Coca-cola Bottle

Disclaimer: My cheat meals are in accordance to my body type. (Not all bodies are the same).

As an Ectomorph, my body struggles to put on weight or mass in comparison to an endomorph or a mesomorph. In order to maintain or put on mass, i’d have to consume a lot of calories.”

Photo of Pancakes With Banana on White Ceramic Plate

It’s challenging to remain consistent and on the pathway to your goals, especially when the deterrent in your path is not from your own doing , as in it is out of your control. But you can always focus on what you can do about it instead. (Eat clean)

Apply that too into your day to day lifestyle and you become resilient in your journey to achieve anything you have set your focus on.

Did you know?

Home workouts are a perfect way to keep your body active and your fitness levels at a high. Although if you are like me, you would still choose normal gym workouts, complete with both free weights and machines anyday over home workouts. But hey, we do what we can with what we have right? So fret not if the gyms in your area are closed, keep the home workouts going.

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Home workout

Early morning walks, or walks in general can still do your body some good as well. Even better, will be jogging from time to time!

But should you lack the motivation to workout either at home or when gyms finally re-open in your area be sure to visit my Youtube channel by clicking the link or video below.

If you or anyone you know needs an online personal trainer, Please fill free to send an email to the address below:

Remember to stay Home and stay safe!

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An Early Gift?

Why not? To all of you my avid readers and followers to this page, I have attached and just for you, my personalized and tailor made workout schedule for those of you that would like to be on a plan that works. This particular workout plan is designed to keep you physically active and toned depending on how often you incorporate it and also how consistent you are. In weeks to come i will unveil MyDeer diet plan suitable for weight and fat-loss.

Enjoy your home workouts and remember, stay Home and stay safe!

“To ensure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.” -William Londen

See Ya’ll in the next article. Stay safe!

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