A nod to new beginnings.

…This is not a motivational piece!

…But if it motivates you, i’m glad!

A new year is usually a sign of new things, a new chapter, new set goals, at times even new ambitions. All that gets encompassed in new energy wrapped with a veil of hope that everything will go according to plan and that this becomes “Our” year. And rightfully, it should be so, this should be your year, my year…our year. I mean why shouldn’t it be?

So here is what normally happens to most of us; On one hand we have our plans, dreams and goals, and on the other hand we have, life. Life is what happens to all of us during the course of the week, month and collectively a year. A lot can happen within that space of 365 days. A lot can also not happen.

The dawn of a new year does not by the slightest chance signify that challenges and struggles you may have faced in the just ended year are over nor does it mean your fortunes in the past year have expired. Well perhaps in few rare cases but not always. Usually a turn of a new year, quite like the turning of a new month or a new week is really just a symbolism if anything, a symbolism that you have survived the tough obstacles that past year threw your way or you have enjoyed progress well deserved over the past 365 days.

My nod to you!

So carry on thriving, carry on pushing forward. Carry on chasing after your goals this year, because what you may not realise is that in the process of the chase, you are developing and morphing into someone better than you were before. Both in character and personality. Focus on positivity, growth, peace and happiness in 2021. ❤

And to all of you my faithful readers and followers, thank you for your continued support. I have a lot of amazing, mind boggling and tea sipping articles just for you!

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