Where is the money?

Ever heard of the phrase ” Follow the Money?” I’m sure you have, we all have. Well, how can you follow the money? Is there a trail to follow and where does it lead you? Is making money a thing for everyone? Gosh i wish i could tell you it was. But truth is, it really isn’t. And it should not be confused with making a living. Or are they the same thing? Though i really feel making money has been linked with wealth creating activities but you may have a different opinion, I will let you tell me in the comment section below.

I would like to give you my two cents opinion if i may but it should not deter you from your current daily hustle.

So here it is, a lot of things can make you money these day, And it doesn’t have to be something that is high profile like being an investor or a broker on Wallstreet. What I mean is you can make a fortune just from cutting hair. Cutting hair can literally make you a fortune people, you just have to be highly dedicated at it. Whatever it is that you do just do it with all your heart, soul and mind and it will take you places.

I could write here and tell you to follow stock markets (Which i’d love to do by the way) But maybe you are not into stock markets. Maybe you have a keen interest in sports for example. The truth is whether you are the one playing the sport or just an avid fan, if you play your cards right plus enough dedication and commitment you can still end up very “wealthy” in that sporting discipline that you love. And i am not talking about sports betting, But if that’s what works for you, hey why not. But if you are looking for an avenue with much less risk, you can be a sports commentator. Believe it or not you can be wealthy even as a sports pundit. Don’t believe me? Look out for a show called Undisputed, Two gentlemen sit down and dissect certain sports for a living on Fox Sports.

Let’s take another less talked about line and say you love reading books. You could become so good in that particular language and become a writer. Wait that’s even too “high profile”?, you can be proof reader. A looooot of organizations are looking for such talents and you could probably be out there sitting on that talent.

Now note this: Out of a possible 100 ideas that are out there, they are all meaningless if one does not understand the flow of money and how to keep it. Many a millionaire became broke eventually because they did not understand the fundamentals of financial literacy.

My Tip? Learn investment, learn how to identify investment opportunities, learn to save. Get that financial literacy. You need it!

“And put that financial literacy into practice, either for your own self or to teach it to the next person.”

When you learn this, do not forget to teach the next person! Do not be selfish with that knowledge, but if you really must then why not offer online courses.

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Let me know your thoughts and more on this and other related topics in the comment section below!

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