You got to be more intentional with your intention!

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I know we are in the midst of a pandemic folks, a raging, menacing pandemic that has been claiming lives the world over, disrupting businesses, changing the way we lived our lives. I mean its just total chaos if we were to get to nip of it. But hey, we gotta push forward and keep on keeping on! Hard as it may be, we gotta carry on.

I am going to share with you 5 ways we can stay afloat in these trying times. I personally often immerse myself in these ways (they’re actually more than 5 but since not many people like reading lately, thought i’d keep the list short).

Ask WHY?

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You ever heard of people telling you, “don’t ask why..”? Yea? well i want to heartfully tell you not to always listen to that because sometimes asking “why” helps you set a worthy reason as to why you need to do something. Imagine if your gym instructor told you not to ask “why” you need to do a particular workout. It simply means you will be doing a certain exercise you do not know the benefits of. That chances of you ending up as he wants you to be rather than your own goals is very high and that is the same with real life. “Why” if well answered helps steer you in the right course. It makes room for the intention.

Set Goals – short term goals.

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I’m not even going to waste your time on this one. i know you probably heard of this very gospel preached to you countless times. So what i’m going to do now is just remind you to please set those short term goals, make sure they’re attainable given the short time that is allocated to them.

Ignore the Naysayers.

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Trust me, you will meet a lot of people in the course of your day or week that are simply negative, be it intentionally or not intentionally, it’s just who they are. You need to filter those vibes out, It’s for your own good. There’s a quote i live by and it goes like this:

“stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution”

Be mindful of the media.

Man in White Dress Shirt Holding Black Smartphone Smiling

The greatest tool for deception of our time is social media. Be mindful of what the media feeds you. Besides not everything portrayed on social media is necessarily true. Not all the lifestyles, not all the bodies, not all the news. Take however, what is useful and beneficial for your cause.

Avoid the false validation associated with “Likes”.

You do not need anyone to approve your dream!

Close-up Photo of Man Wearing Black Suit Jacket Doing Thumbs Up Gesture

Or your goals. Your desired goals are yours for a reason, your dreams came to you for a reason. You do not need anyone to approve your dream, create your support circle based on the people that support your goal/dreams, however small or crazy they may be.

Remain intentional with your purpose every single day and soon or later you will find yourself with a past you are happy with. The idea should be to have no regrets.

Now let’s end it here before this turns into a motivational book. Thank you for reading! 🙂

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