How do you know she is the 1???

Let’s be honest…

Movies and media have played a role each in either definition of what love is. Bust most times than not, they have portrayed the misconstrued version of what love should actually be.

Now it might come off as odd especially in this day and age where “love” is a more physical act than an emotional act that a guy (me), sits down outside his home on the porch sipping coffee and writing how love has to be. Opposed to the “norm” nowadays that love is built on the foundation of sex. I’m not dismissing the importance of sex, no will i ever seek to nullify its role in strengthening a relationship. In fact sex in a relationship is as important as the emotion feelings involved, but it shouldn’t be the center of it all. If you are in a relationship because of sex, there is a high chance you are in it for the wrong reason. But that shall be a topic for another day. Today we talk about the other reason that can make y’all stay together.

So How do you know your girl is the 1?

Gentlemen, i lie to you not, but she has got to be your friend before she is your girlfriend, fiance, or wife. But hey not everyone gets that kind of opportunity to marry their friend, i guess in such cases it wouldn’t hurt then to build a friendship with your better half.

“Live and laugh together”

I say this from experience. It helps when y’all can be in good space with each other and not feel choked by the other’s presence. It’s a good sign when you miss them while they stay in bed a bit longer than you and you cannot wait for her to wake up, and of course vice versa.

Now if she never was someone you can feel comfortable being around for too long you’d be praying they keep sleeping all day. So you know she is the one when you miss her even though she’s right there laying beside you and it feels like christmas as soon as she opens her eyes.

There is a bunch of indicators that are out there that tell you the special lady you are with is the one, we will touch on those later in future write-ups, right now i’m off to go spend some time with my special lady (my best friend).

Let me know in the comment section below what are your key indicators that help know if the girl you’re with is the 1.

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