Your Body is your vehicle. So what are you driving?

Gentleman, fellow brothers of mine out there- And the beautiful ladies that could be reading this too. Looking good is not just self importance, its self respect. I’m glad we agree on this.

Most of us here are somewhat petrol heads or we have an appreciation of cars or some of this sickest automobiles they have out there. Myself I like a bit of both Muscle cars and supercars. I’m that guy. Probably based on how i perceive things which has an influence on how I project my body, my physique.

I don’t know about you but i have no desire whatsoever to drive to a dumptruck as my choice of transport. No disrespect to our garbage man, infact more power to them for doing what most of us would rather not do, but i’m sure they drive those trucks just for the paycheck.

Your body is your vehicle, how many of us would want a body that resembles a Dump-truck? Definitely not me and i’m very sure not you either. So let’s get into what are some of the key factors that help us take better care of our bodies.

Diet/ Basically eating right

meal preparation

I cannot stress enough the importance of a good diet. Not only does eating well facilitate how you look but also how you feel about yourself and that is very important in as much as self confidence is concerned. Food and nutrition is like the fuel your body needs to keep running and to keep running well. You would pour the wrong kind of fuel in your car now would you? Same applies to your body.

What results can I get by eating right?

my vehicle is both muscle and exotic, whats yours?

Well, I have never been one to say what i do not know nor will I recommend to you what i have not tried myself. The above image of my self is a clear depiction that abs are made in the kitchen. So Eat right
know your food, know your body.


An integral part of self care is taking your body through a workout routine good enough to keep yourself fit. A lot of people workout for various reasons depending on what is their desired outcome or goal. There is nothing wrong however with just a basic workout that you can do atleast three days a week.

Working out is beneficial not only better your physical appearance but it is highly important boost your cardio, respiratory system and general blood flow.

Back workout by : @gerald_ice1

Rest, Sleep & Recover

An important bit of self therapy or in this case “self respect” is sleep. Sleep sleep is involved in healing and repair of your heart and blood vessels. Lack of proper sleep or sleep deficiency is often linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. Yeah it really is that much of a big deal.

Water Intake

Now i wont even try to make this sound fancy nor remind you of that very popular tv commercial of people with amazing white teeth drink water and smiling. NO, this is not that. Water is very import t our bodies period. So make sure you are taking in the right amounts of it daily.

But here is a fancy bottle of water anyway to get your attention and possible spike up your desire to drink some water to today.

Q: How much water is enough?
A: To prevent dehydration you need to drink adequate amounts of water, there are many different opinions on how much is enough
but the standard in my opinion is about 8 glasses, but see that can also depend on the size of the glass 😉
But on a serious tip, drink up to 2 litres daily.

My Take…

Take good care of your body and pay attention to it like itized possession because guess what? It is! Your body is your only guaranteed vehicle to propel you into tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. Sure they are alot of things that matter other than yiur health and well being but those things whatever they may be wouldn’t matter when your body fails you!

Meditate, Read, Eat healthy food.
Drink water. Move your body,
Spend time in nature. Rest up.
You are worthy!

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