Five things women find attractive in a man!

Attention, Attention!!! All y’all gentlemen, this one’s for you, especially the single gentlemen. In fact only the single gentlemen (To be fair). I have taken time out to ask a couple of ladies what they think is or find attractive in a man. Enough of barroom banter, or locker room chatter for now. Let us hear it from the ladies for a change yea? So you will not just be hearing what i or the fellas think nor simply take my word for it but you get to hear it from the ladies themselves.

“A very big thank you goes out to all the ladies that took time out from their busy schedule to take part in this tiny research of mine.”

Watch the video below:

Now as guys I know we very often listen to “bro science” about what women find attractive in a guy and frankly speaking i consider myself somewhat a “bro-scientist”, but very seldom do we take time out to ask the women themselves. Most of the qualities mentioned were non-physical, meaning to say if we thought good looks alone were the golden key, we might need to re-evaluate that bit there Gentlemen.

My Personal Take;

  • Physical attraction never gets old. We are 1st captivated by what we see. Attraction is what brings them close or notice, character is what makes them stay!

I hope the video above gave us all a bit of insight and knowledge to what women really find attractive in guys.

I would love to hear your comments and feedback as well πŸ™‚ So until the next article, stay safe, stay reading and above all stay home as much as possible.

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