Stop chasing your misery and start chasing your Dreams!

The worst of times and the Best of times

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Worst of times can be the best of times, These are the times we are currently living in. Definately and more sure than not to some these are the worst of times while to others
these are the best of times- an important bit to note. And even more so important is the realization that It’s always about perception and being able to see the opportunity that is always there and to turn the current time
we are into the miracle of your future.
I urge us all to always see the light at the end of the tunnel, the silver lining to every dark cloud. Im asking us to adopt
a positive approach to the time we are in and turn crisis into opportunity.

Sure we are in the midst of a deadly pandemic, and yes we have been requested globally to stay at home but that shouldn’t be a deterrent factor. Now with us being unable to hang out with our friends on the weekend (as sad and miserable as that may sound), this is an opportunity to study. Study, learn grow change and develop. Develop yourself into the best version of yourself that you could possibly become. You have the time now, don’t waste it, get something
from it.
By the end of this trying time you will emerge out wiser stronger and better than you were at the beginning.

Now trust me, I am no guru but believe when i say this, the best part of any journey is the process. Always remember the saying :

“the same boiling water that softens a potato, hardens an egg”

Hard or challenging times are all about what you are made off, that’s all they are and that’s all there is to it.

Everything is an opportunity, for progress, success, good health. The key therefore is to be able to recognise that opportunity instead of cursing it. Don’t curse what you got, whatever it is and whatever you have
is all you need to take you to your next level. Now I know we may come to a point where what we have is no
longer enough to take us to that next level, this is when work a little bit more, dream a little bit more and push a little harder
until we have what we need to have.

Do not wish for an easy life, Rather become more skillful at life. Become better!

In business you will hear terms like “time is money, and speed is profit”. Make every moment of your Stay Home time count.
Remain disciplined, remain focused and remain dedicated to whatever it is your pursuing and you’ll surely get it.
the key is not to wish for easier conditions. But if you must wish, wish you were better.

“Personally this time has been optimum and the right opportunity for me to pursue a passion i have always had, writing!” – Gerald Tawanda

Indecision – Sure there are some decisions we had put aside for later when we had the time to make those decisions. Those decisions we could never really make because there was never enough time to finalize them, remember those? yea?
 Right, well I’ll tell you today this could be the best time to make those decisions.

So, Make every second Count!!!!

Video compilation by Motiversity starring Coach Pain

“You have to realise that you don’t have any other opportunities waiting for you
if you’re not willing to work for the 1st opportunity that’s been given to you.” -Coach Pain

“Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.”Napoleon Hill

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