Monday Funday


So it’s Monday.

I’m not going tell you any lies but the best approach to any problem is to face it head on. Just like any nasty thing in life, mondays are a problem to most of us. Mondays remind us that rest period is over, and it is now time to work your ass off for another 5 days.
which is why most of us look forward to fridays and the weekend while forever continue to dread Mondays.

But here is how you own your Monday, it works for me so i hope it works for you too. If not everything i`m gonna say then at least something, and  if nothing here helps you then buddy just become an alcoholic Frank.

-Get up early.

morning wake.jpg

Waking up early gives you the upper hand on the day as it (the day) meets us already prepared and waiting for it, compared to just finding ourselves
in the day already. That is the kind of stuff that makes you feel like you got hit by a speeding bullet train.

Dress up well.


No matter what industry your`re in or what you do for a living, dress your best.
Research conducted some time back revealed that dressing well gives us a sense of confidence and boosts morale. Two winning ingredients!

It’s simple, when you feel good, you’re bound to do good.

Eat well.


A healthy wholesome breakfast is what your brain needs to get ready for the day’s challenge ahead. You tend to exhaust less of your brain cells when it
has enough power boost from a nutritional breakfast.

Plan well.

plan better.jpg

The best strategists will tell you strategy is important. As funny as that may sound i mean it. It’s often said “failure to plan is planning to fail.”
which is totally true if you ask me. However when you carefully plan your day’s events and how you`re going to tackle them it puts you in a position of control,
It’s you who gets to dictate the pace of your day and what happens in it.


music well.jpg

This part is subjective, alot of us can do with some audio motivation in the form of music or motivational speeches while some of
us prefer silence and time alone with their thoughts, which is all good.

In conclusion Gentlemen and gentlemen, Mondays are just the start to your victorious week. Another opportunity to become the best freakn’ version of yourself.

Have a powerful Monday

-Now gentlemen & gentlemen,boys and men. i know we are all hard working individuals. And as such we need to play hard as well!
hahaha just kidding, but on serious light note though, we need time to just unwind.

There’s A wide range of things you can do that help you relax during your leisure moments, the trick here is
to try and focus on those things that still allow you to have a healthy lifestyle while you leisure on!

So what do we have on this list here?

sports (watching or playing), going out with friends or whatever it is you do when you’re not hustling or on your grind. My personal favourite is gaming but we`ll talk about that later.

Coming up in future posts will be some fun crazy ideas you can indulge in, or them indulge in you, again whatever tickles your fancy guys.

Stay reading here!

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