Love actually

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Alright so the last time i wrote on this rather profound topic i was writing as the kid staring from the outside in. This time its different, I’m writing from the inside. Exciting right? Yes it is. It’s really exciting how you really never know what you’re gonna get out of a relationship unless you give it a try. and give it a try you really must.

Have you ever?

Have you ever dated your best friend? I know there is always a lot of yada yada especially at weddings and people saying “‘oh, i married my best friend”. Which is a very good thing if you ask me but how many of us have actually dated a best friend. Someone whose dark secrets you know and are ok with and vice versa? But it is not just about knowing the dark stuff. You get front row seats to all the beautiful things they do, things that bring a sense of joy and beautiful light to this world. Is that not like the coolest thing? I think it is.

However, let’s try not getting ahead of ourselves because for that magic to work, the feeling has gotta be mutual. If it is not it’s not but if it is… we get magic from it.

In my humble and still learning opinion i believe that will be a boss move for anyone who does get to date their bestie. I’ve often been of the opinion that it’s easier to turn a friendship into love than it is turning love into a friendship. My point here being it easier to take things further to the next level when its someone you are well comfortable with, Again this comes from my humble and still learning opinion.♥♥ -TGT

2 thoughts on “Love actually

  1. Your true love is always around u…u just have to open your eyes. When your best friend is your true love that connection is deeper n real n authentic….

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